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Bead It Forward For Breast Cancer 2014

Jeanette Shanigan started the Bead It Forward Bead Quilt Project back in 2006 with 31 beaders to support breast cancer research.  These beaders made the squares and sent them to her.  She sewed them together to make a beaded quilt.  This beaded quilt was auctioned off and the money sent to Medical College of Wisconsin Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

The auction went over so well that she decided to let beaders all over the world know through the internet.  This allowed her to make more beaded quilts to auction off each year.  Each year, she would have a different theme.

2007 – Butterflies
2008 – Rose
2009 – Hearts
2010 – Turtle
2011 – Caring Hands
2012 – Birds
2013 – Flowers

To see pictures of some of these quilts, go to Fire Mountain Gems.

The beaded quilts became too much for Jeanette to handle on her own.  Bead and Button took over getting beaded quilts, shadow boxes, ornaments and much more created with the hundreds of squares sent in from beaders from all over the world.  I know they did the 2013 quilt but I think Jeannette did all the ones before.

The theme for the Bead It Forward campaign for 2014 is Turn The Tide On Breast Cancer.  The quilt square must be related to the ocean, anything aquatic, or beaches.

Each square must measure 1.5×1.5 inches (3.8×3.8cm).  The squares must be sewn to the middle of a 2×2 inch square of backing made with something like Lacy’s Stiff Stuff,  Pellon 60 or other stiff material.  These squares can be any type of beading as long as it fits in the square.  I have seen bead embroidery, peyote and brick stitch.  Just let your mind go and think of something with this theme that will fit into a 1.5×1.5 inch (3.8×3.8cm) square.

Following are some links to bead patterns for these quilt squares:











If you decide you would like to do some of these squares and donate them to the Bead It Forward project, you need to have them there March 3, 2014.

Here are some rules that you need to follow:

1.  The front of the backing must have no marks by pencil, pen or marker and must mot be stitched on.  It must be the backing only.

2.  You can dye the backing the backing if you want.

3.  You must attach your beadwork to the backing with thread….not glue or tape.  Remember it needs to be able to last a long time.

4.  You can submit as many squares as you want but they want you to save them until you have finished all of them you want to make before you send them in.

5.  The following information must be printed on the back of the backing of your square in permanent marker:  your name and an arrow showing which way is up.

6.  You must print out and submit the submission form along with your quilt squares.

You can find the rules and submission form at Bead and Buttons website.

If you make any squares for this cause, I would love to see them.  Put a link in my comment section so that I can go see them.


Sell For Free Online

OK, I knew about eCrater.  I have a store there.  I love the way you can make a mini shopping mall on eCrater.  In my mini mall, I have a beads pattern store, a craft supplies and kits store, a home decor store where I sell handmade items for the home, a beaded accessories store where I sell my handmade beaded accessories (pen wraps, lighter covers, lip balm covers and business card sleeves), and a beaded jewelry store where I sell handmade jewelry I have beaded.  You open to a page that has each one of these stores featured.  I […]

Small Business Saturday Sale and Upcoming Bingo Game

Bead Patterns Boutique is having a 30% off sale Saturday November 30 through Monday December 2.  This is a site-wide sale.

Get out your wishlist that you have saved on Bead Patterns Boutique and get your purchases at 30% off.  You might want to browse through the rest of the bead patterns to see if you have missed seeing any of them.

Of course, I would love it if you would purchase my bead patterns but there are so many wonderful bead patterns in the Boutique for you to choose from.


All you have to […]

Beaded Ornament Contest 2013

Bead Patterns Boutique is holding a beaded ornament contest.  You start off by beading up a beaded band called “Christmas Wreath” designed and donated by SuJen Designs.  The band will fit a 2 inch ornament.  Once you finish the beaded band, you can embellish it any way that you want to make it yours.

You can find the rules and the beaded band pattern in the group files called 2013 Beaded Ornament Contest.

It doesn’t matter what level of beader you are.  All levels of beaders are welcome.  There will be prizes given to the top 3 winners.

You […]

New Bead Patterns Uploaded

I have spent the day uploading some bead patterns that my Bead Angel, Terri Ettling-Shell, tested for me.  They came out gorgeous.  She finished them a long time ago but I keep putting off uploading them as life kept getting in the way.  I uploaded these patterns to my Grandma Marilyn at the Boutique bead pattern shop.  It has been a while since I uploaded anything there. 

  Armadillo and Cactus Tealight Cover

This cute tealight cover is representative of my state of Texas.  You have an armadillo and a cactus.  These are found all over Texas.