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Small Business Saturday Sale and Upcoming Bingo Game

Bead Patterns Boutique is having a 30% off sale Saturday November 30 through Monday December 2.  This is a site-wide sale.

Get out your wishlist that you have saved on Bead Patterns Boutique and get your purchases at 30% off.  You might want to browse through the rest of the bead patterns to see if you have missed seeing any of them.

Of course, I would love it if you would purchase my bead patterns but there are so many wonderful bead patterns in the Boutique for you to choose from.


All you have to do is to put your selections in your cart and use the code “small” when you checkout to get the 30% discount.

While you are looking through the patterns, you might keep an eye out for the four Snowflake graphics to qualify for Bingo cards for our next game.  They are in the more images of the bead patterns.  If you want to know how the graphics look, check it out at BPB Shop Blog.  Once you find all four graphics, send the locations to to claim your card.  You will receive your card through email.  We have some wonderful prizes for you to pick from.


Beaded Ornament Contest 2013

Bead Patterns Boutique is holding a beaded ornament contest.  You start off by beading up a beaded band called “Christmas Wreath” designed and donated by SuJen Designs.  The band will fit a 2 inch ornament.  Once you finish the beaded band, you can embellish it any way that you want to make it yours.

You can find the rules and the beaded band pattern in the group files called 2013 Beaded Ornament Contest.

It doesn’t matter what level of beader you are.  All levels of beaders are welcome.  There will be prizes given to the top 3 winners.

You need to be a member of the Bead Patterns Boutique Yahoo Group.  You will need belong to this group to post your picture of the finished ornament in the Beaded Ornament 2013 folder and to vote on the poll.  Entries must be submitted no later than November 26th.  Don’t forget to give your ornament a name so that voters will know which one to vote for.

Each entrant is allowed only one ornament for this contest.  If you make other ornaments, you are welcome to start an album and put the pictures there for us to drool over.  I do so love eye candy. 

Voting will begin November 28th and end December 5th.  The winner will be announced on December 7th.

Good luck to all that enter.

Here is a picture of an ornament that my Bead Angel, Ellen Roskopp, requested and beaded.  I designed the band and she did the embellishing.  She had never done anything like this before and was nervous about being able to complete it.  I think she did a beautiful job with it.

JesusIsLordOrnamentCover-SAM_0106-finished-250 (use for pattern)

So if you think you can’t do it, give it a try.  You may surprise yourself just like Ellen did.  Remember, you are your own worst enemy.


New Bead Patterns Uploaded

I have spent the day uploading some bead patterns that my Bead Angel, Terri Ettling-Shell, tested for me.  They came out gorgeous.  She finished them a long time ago but I keep putting off uploading them as life kept getting in the way.  I uploaded these patterns to my Grandma Marilyn at the Boutique bead pattern shop.  It has been a while since I uploaded anything there. 

Armadillo and Cactus
Tealight Cover

This cute tealight cover is representative of my state of Texas.  You have an armadillo and a cactus.  These are found all over Texas.

Yellow Rose
Amulet Bag Panel

This was the second rose amulet bag panel that I created.  The first one was a deep red rose.  This one is a yellow rose.  I created it for two reasons.  The first was that my mother loved yellow roses and I dedicate this to her.  She passed away back in 2001.  The second is for my state of Texas.

I am really trying to get my bead patterns out there again.  I have been so depressed that I have not really been working on them.  I have been doing a little beading of late.  I will talk about that in another post as it will be another bead pattern that I have uploaded.


2012 Treasure Hunt Contest Winner

Well, our special celebration of our gift giving for Christmas 2012 is over.  All 11 of the free bead patterns created especially for this event by the Bead Patterns Boutique designers have been given to our friends and clients.  We do this every year to thank our customers for their continued support.  If it wasn’t for our customers, we wouldn’t be here. 

If you don’t watch the Bead Patterns Boutique blog, you really should so that you can see what special occasions we have.  You might also want to check Bead Patterns Boutique for the Gazette Newspaper that we print out every month.  There is no telling what you will find there.  Here is a link to December’s copy of the Boutique Gazette.  We also have special contests, such as Bingo and Pink Light Specials, in our Bead Patterns Boutique Yahoo Group, so you might want to join us there.

Oh, you are waiting to hear who won the 2012 Treasure Hunt contest, aren’t you?  LOL  Well the winner was Donna Markle, who got 10 out of 11 answers right.  WAY TO GO, Donna.  Can’t wait to hear what Donna decided to pick from the prizes.  Check out the Bead Patterns Boutique blog using the link above to find out who else entered the contest and how well they did.

I want to congratulate everyone who entered the contest.  Hope you had fun answering the questions that us designers thought up for you.

Happy Beading


2012 Treasure Hunt Day 11

Our last Designer of the Day of Bead Patterns Boutique’s 2012 Treasure Hunt is Llweyn Friars of Ability Creations at the Boutique.  She has a beautiful free bead pattern for you as a gift for your wonderful support during the year.  Don’t forget to check out her question and go to her shop to find the answer. Remember that you need to get this bead pattern before tomorrow.

Check out today’s blog post for the link to Llweyn’s free bead pattern and the question for the treasure hunt contest.

Remember, even if you did not get the free bead patterns, you can enter the treasure hunt contest.  The Treasure Hunt is open to everyone.  Winner will be the person with the most correct answers (if more than one person has the most correct answers, winner will be drawn at random from those answer sheets).  The winner will get to select from a selection of free bead patterns, ready-to-wear jewelry, or a discount on a bead pattern selected from BPB.

You can start sending in your answers to the 11 designers’ questions today!  How do I go about sending in my answers, you ask?  Create an answer sheet with all the answers and send it in to  Here is an example of what to send in:

Name:  Mary Doe 

Day 1:  (answer)
Day 2:  (answer)
Day 3:  (answer)
Day 4:  (answer)
Day 5:  (answer)
Day 6:  (answer)
Day 7:  (answer)
Day 8:  (answer)
Day 9:  (answer)
Day 10:  (answer)
Day 11:  (answer)

Deadline for answer sheets is 10 am EST on 12/21 (tomorrow).  The winner will be announced by 5 pm EST on 12/21.

Hopefully you have been getting the answers to the questions every day as you go along.    If not, you can find all the questions in the BPB blog posts.  Just work your way backwards from today.  Good luck to everyone who enters the contest.