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Plastic Canvas Kissies – Updated

April 14, 2011: I am updating this post to show links that are no longer available and maybe some new links to books, etc. that I have found. These changes will be noted in red.

August 29, 2010: This blog post (originally posted December 6, 2008) has been edited to delete those items that are no longer available and added some new ones that I found. Sorry to the people who commented on the originals as I can’t bring them over to this new post but click on the date above and it will take you to the comments on […]

Grandma Marilyn’s Update

Sorry I haven’t posted to my blog for a while.  I have been really busy getting patterns designed, beading and trying to get my shops changed around.  Not to mention that on July 4th I fell and damaged my knee big time.  I go to the Orthopedic doctor next week and we will find out whether I need surgery or not.

I have decided to put my Etsy shops on vacation after all of their items are sold or expire.  I have been spending a lot of money on fees and getting very few sales.  I might consider reopening them […]

GrandmaMarilyns Lulu.com Storefront

Ok, everyone, I have just started filling my GrandmaMarilyns Lulu.com storefront.  I have some patterns and photographs there now. I will be loading more patterns.  You should stop by and see the lovely horse pictures that Angel took.  She has an eye for art.  There are some cute puppies in there, too, that I took.


I am in the process of creating some ebooks to upload to this store also.  Some of the ebooks will be about crafts (some beading); but there will also be other subjects that I will upload (ie, short stories, poetry, etc).

I am […]

Plastic Canvas Kissies

I first published this back on Mar 16, 2008, when I first started my blog.  For some reason, the information is there for me to edit but when you go to view it, it says it isn’t there.  So I am republishing it.  Sorry to the person who commented as I can’t find it to bring over.

Ok, I was talking in my introduction about Kissies that I used to like to make.  I taught my children and nephews how to make them too and we had some good quality time making them together.  Following is a book that I […]


GrandmaMarilynsToo is the name of my supply shop on Etsy.  I am currently placing books there that I no longer need.  Some of them have never been used.  I am what you would call a addictive collector.   I tend to go in cycles with what I buy or collect and go on a binge with whatever I am interested in at the time.  I plan to use them when I buy them or receive them……but, I never get around to it.   Currently, it is beading…..don’t count on getting beading books unless they are duplicates of what I already own.  […]