Nora Roberts Book Reviews

I decided to write some reviews of the books I have been reading by Nora Roberts.  Stop on by Nora Roberts Book Reviews.  I have added some YouTube videos created by Nora Roberts and some with book reviews by other creators.  To liven up this article, I have added a voting module on your favorite book written by her, list of links to learn more about Nora Roberts, a twitter search for Nora Roberts, and Nora Roberts Facebook Fan Page module. 

I love reading Nora Roberts’ books and decided to let you know which of her books I have recently read and what I thought about them.

Stop by and read the article.  Join in the fun by answering the questions and polls.  Last but not least, leave me a comment in the Guestbook letting me know you stopped by and any comments you may have about what I have written.

Have fun reading.  I hope to add more articles on Squidoo about other authors in the future and what I think about their books.

While you are there check out my other Squidoo articles that I have written and let me know what you think.

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