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April 14, 2011: I am updating this post to show links that are no longer available and maybe some new links to books, etc. that I have found. These changes will be noted in red.

August 29, 2010: This blog post (originally posted December 6, 2008) has been edited to delete those items that are no longer available and added some new ones that I found. Sorry to the people who commented on the originals as I can’t bring them over to this new post but click on the date above and it will take you to the comments on the first post.

In the last post, I was talking in my introduction about Kissies that I used to like to make. I taught my children and nephews how to make them too and we had some good quality time making them together. Following are books that I used in the 80’s, some free patterns to try, and some additional books to purchase with Kissies in them.

If you should create some of your own, I would love to see them.

Here are a few books of patterns that I used back in the 80’s:

Gimme A Kiss In Plastic Canvas LA 1112:  Leaflet with kiss characters in plastic canvas. Pig, Bunny, Reindeer, Cow, Dog, Duck, Santa and Monkey

Squeezums by Carol Wilson Mansfield:  Tiger, Penguin, Rhinoceros, Lion, Bird, Polar Bear, Monkey, Elephant, and Zebra.  Not sure but think this includes a Whale, flowers and a few other kissies. (My book hasn’t arrived to let you know what is there yet.  I will correct this when the book arrives.)

Squeezum Folks by Carol Wilson Mansfield:  People in different career fields:  Clown, Highway Patrolman, Construction Worker, Grandpa & Grandma, Bride & Groom, Cowboy, Baseball Player, Football Player

Here are some free patterns I found online for you:

Kissin Mouse and Kissin Santa patterns are no longer available at Kansas City, Kansas Public Library.  I have written them a message asking them to either add them to their new site or to allow me to add them to my blog as they are so darling and a great loss to future generations.

Kissing Bird: cute. (New Find)

Krafty Kris’s frog kisses: Also gives suggestion on how to make this one into a puppy.

The Kissin’ Frog:  Really cute. (Link changed – slow getting pattern to show up)

Kissin’ Lion: Very darling little lion with puffy cheeks and yarn hair around face. (Link changed and picture of lion and teeth and feet template are no longer available. I have written to the owners of the blog to try to either get them to put them on their new blog or let me do it.)

Santa’s Kiss: .  I have not personally made this one as I just recently found it but thought it looked really cute. (No pictures available for the tutorial. I have written and asked permission to create one on my blog.)

Kiss Holder Christmas Ornament:  Plain Jane Kissie with a tutorial. (New Find)

Here are some more books and leaflets that I just purchased that will give you some more ideas:

Christmas Squeezums by Carol Wilson Mansfield:  Reindeer, Mr. and Mrs Bear, Mr and Mrs Santa, Mr and Mrs Snowman, gift, plus others that I cannot identify.

CROCHETED KISSY CRITTERS LA2126 by Sue Penrod: Frog, Duck, Raccoon, Elephant, Lion, Dog, Bear, Panda, Tiger, Cat, Pig, and Rabbit. All using plastic canvas for shape, all in worsted wt. yarn. This book is located halfway down the page.

Creative Kisses Plastic Canvas Patterns (Digital Download – Original Publication: Plastic Canvas Corner magazine, November 1992 issue):  crafty kiss bunny and stand-up cow

Cute Lil’ Kisses in Plastic Canvas by Dick Martin:  Skunk, Racoon, Fawn, Squirrel, Dog, Cat, Duckling

Easter Kisses Plastic Canvas Patterns (Digital Download – Original Publication: Plastic Canvas Corner magazine, April 1990 issue):   Mr and Mrs Mouse Kiss

Holiday Kisses in Plastic Canvas (#1225) by Dick Martin (currently unavailable but you never know)

Holiday Kisses Plastic Canvas Patterns (Digital Download – Original Publication: Plastic Canvas Corner magazine, September 1991 issue):  clown kiss and his candy cane companion

Kiss Characters Plastic Canvas Patterns (Digital Download – Leisure Arts Leaflet #1218, Kiss Me Quick in Plastic Canvas):  Alligator, Clown, Cow, Lamb, Lion, Monkey, Parrot, and Zebra Kiss

Kiss Critters In Plastic Canvas Item #1447:  I can see a penguin, giraffe, lion, frog and elephant plus 6 more designs.

Kiss ‘n Critters “Squeeze My Cheeks and I’ll Give You a Kiss”:  mouse, pig, frog, lion, nurse, cat, plus others that I cannot identify.

Kiss ‘n People “Squeeze My Cheeks and I’ll Give You A Kiss”:  Cute book of people in different careers:  policeman, fireman, bride & groom, graduate, sailor, and more.  I couldn’t see all of the kissies to tell what they were.

Kisses and Stocking Hangers Plastic Canvas Patterns (Digital Download – Original Publication: Leisure Arts Leaflet #1198, Kisses for Christmas in Plastic Canvas):  Bear, Goose, Reindeer, Elf, and Santa Kisses and Santa and Reindeer Holder.

Kisses for Christmas in Plastic Canvas by Dick Martin (See Kisses and Stocking Hangers Plastic Canvas Patterns above as this book has been put in digital format)

Kissy Kritters: Plastic Canvas (Create tons of fun with 12 adorable animals stitched on 7 and 10 count plastic canvas, designed to hold sweet treats and bring big smiles)

Yarnimals — Kissers in Plastic Canvas:  Blue Bird–Cow–Pink Elephant–Owl–Lion–Rabbit–Green Snake–Red Bird–Reindeer–Duck–Mouse—Frog

NOTE: If these books are not available try copying the name of the book and do a search for it.  You never know where these books might show up on the internet.

While looking for kissies, I found a post at The back room at Stone Hill Collectibles blog called Those adorable Kissy Heads, Squeezums or Kiss’n Critters… You might want to skip on over there and see what she has to say.

There are so many leaflets out there that I cannot find except on eBay that look interesting.  You might try googling plastic canvas kissies, plastic canvas squeezies, plastic canvas kiss.

If you find any other kissies that I did not find, please add it to the comment section so everyone can get it, too.

If you created a kissie of your own, please share it with everyone.  If it is for sale or posted somewhere, let us know where so we can go see it and possibly purchase it.

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