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OK, I knew about eCrater.  I have a store there.  I love the way you can make a mini shopping mall on eCrater.  In my mini mall, I have a beads pattern store, a craft supplies and kits store, a home decor store where I sell handmade items for the home, a beaded accessories store where I sell my handmade beaded accessories (pen wraps, lighter covers, lip balm covers and business card sleeves), and a beaded jewelry store where I sell handmade jewelry I have beaded.  You open to a page that has each one of these stores featured.  I […]

New Bead Patterns Uploaded

I have spent the day uploading some bead patterns that my Bead Angel, Terri Ettling-Shell, tested for me.  They came out gorgeous.  She finished them a long time ago but I keep putting off uploading them as life kept getting in the way.  I uploaded these patterns to my Grandma Marilyn at the Boutique bead pattern shop.  It has been a while since I uploaded anything there. 

  Armadillo and Cactus Tealight Cover

This cute tealight cover is representative of my state of Texas.  You have an armadillo and a cactus.  These are found all over Texas.

Been Working On My Bead Patterns

I have been putting in a lot of hours updating my bead patterns.  I have been working on changing all the patterns to having an alpha character for the bead color, example (2)B, instead of a number which was confusing, example (2)2.  I am sure that my customers will appreciate this change.  I know I do.  I have been updating my patterns to where they are in landscape mode (a suggestion from my Bead Angel, Ellen Roskopp) so that the graphics are larger for an easier read.  I have also modernized my older bead patterns to a new format that […]

Finally After Ages Another Pattern

I finally uploaded a new pattern to my Bead Patterns Boutique shop.  It has been quite a while since I have uploaded a new pattern there.  This pattern was beaded up by my Bead Angel, Ellen Roskopp.  She had requested a brick stitch pattern and this is the one I came up with for her.


Aren’t they just darling.  If you would like to find the bead pattern, just go to my Bead Patterns Boutique store for the Little Lion Earrings.


I have other cute items made with this Little Lion.  You can find Little Lion by […]

New Revised Bead Patterns

I am so excited that I needed to share this with all my friends.  My patterns will start having an alphabetic character instead of a numeric character for the bead color in word charts.  This will make reading your word charts a lot easier.  Below are samples of the old version and the new version so you can see what the difference is and see why I am so excited about it.

How did this come about, you ask?  Discussions started in some beading groups that I belong to.  They wanted to know if we could put an […]