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Sell For Free Online

OK, I knew about eCrater.  I have a store there.  I love the way you can make a mini shopping mall on eCrater.  In my mini mall, I have a beads pattern store, a craft supplies and kits store, a home decor store where I sell handmade items for the home, a beaded accessories store where I sell my handmade beaded accessories (pen wraps, lighter covers, lip balm covers and business card sleeves), and a beaded jewelry store where I sell handmade jewelry I have beaded.  You open to a page that has each one of these stores featured.  I really, really love this concept.  If you are interested in having an eCrater store, I wrote an article on how to go about setting your store up.  If you have any questions, either leave them in the comments here or on the Squidoo article.

Today, I learned of a new venue for selling online free.  This site is called Blujay.  I am not sure if I like it yet.  I just opened a store and tried to put in some of my items.  Not too thrilled with the way their categories are set up.  I sell bead related items and there is no special way for me to do this.  To sell your beads, you need to go to Jewelry and Watches and look for beads.  Who would think to look for beads, jewelry supplies, or gemstones under jewelry and watches? 

Of course, my beaded jewelry would have a place under Jewelry and Watches.  But, where would my beaded accessory sets go?  I look under Crafts and it shows Handcrafted Items.  So I click on that.  It would have to go under Other Handcrafted.  Not too thrilled with this.

I guess my bead patterns and craft supplies and kits would have to go under Art and Craft Supplies.  There is no further sub-category for beading or anything.  They are all lumped together under this category.  I wish they would have it sorted out so that you could find a specific type of craft supply.

There is definitely a place for my home décor items to go in the Home and Garden section.  I will have to check out this section more.

Hope you enjoyed this article and that it helped you.  If things change at Blujay, I will write another post letting you know.


New Bead Patterns Uploaded

I have spent the day uploading some bead patterns that my Bead Angel, Terri Ettling-Shell, tested for me.  They came out gorgeous.  She finished them a long time ago but I keep putting off uploading them as life kept getting in the way.  I uploaded these patterns to my Grandma Marilyn at the Boutique bead pattern shop.  It has been a while since I uploaded anything there. 

Armadillo and Cactus
Tealight Cover

This cute tealight cover is representative of my state of Texas.  You have an armadillo and a cactus.  These are found all over Texas.

Yellow Rose
Amulet Bag Panel

This was the second rose amulet bag panel that I created.  The first one was a deep red rose.  This one is a yellow rose.  I created it for two reasons.  The first was that my mother loved yellow roses and I dedicate this to her.  She passed away back in 2001.  The second is for my state of Texas.

I am really trying to get my bead patterns out there again.  I have been so depressed that I have not really been working on them.  I have been doing a little beading of late.  I will talk about that in another post as it will be another bead pattern that I have uploaded.


Been Working On My Bead Patterns

I have been putting in a lot of hours updating my bead patterns.  I have been working on changing all the patterns to having an alpha character for the bead color, example (2)B, instead of a number which was confusing, example (2)2.  I am sure that my customers will appreciate this change.  I know I do.  I have been updating my patterns to where they are in landscape mode (a suggestion from my Bead Angel, Ellen Roskopp) so that the graphics are larger for an easier read.  I have also modernized my older bead patterns to a new format that I have started using so that there are fewer pages.  I used to use Microsoft Word when I first started out.  Now, I use a formatted layout using my BeadTool program.  I am so glad I finally learned how to use it and have several formats out there for different types of bead patterns.

Following are the patterns that I have uploaded to the new The Bead Coop so far.

Rainbow Maze & loom 015-cropped250-Lightened  Pen-LipBalm-BigLighter-SmLIghter-BusCardSl-eBook4-NEW-72-6  Bead Fairy Continuous Earrings 011-blue2      
Rainbow Maze Loom Cuff          Rainbow Maze Accessory Set    Continuous Earrings

DandTCuffCurledAndEarrings-72-250  Diamonds_TrianglesAccessorySet100_1257 A-cropped72dpi-2Mirrored-Images-EarringandCuff-Set-350
Diamonds & Triangles             Diamonds & Triangles    Mirrored Images Jewelry Set  
     Jewelry Set                         Accessory Set

On The Bead Coop, I decided to list all the bead patterns with a similar pattern in one listing.  You will still be able to pick which individual patterns you want.  Click on title of the bead pattern to be taken to an html page for that pattern series.  Next, click on the drop-down menu at the bottom of the page and you will see separate patterns that are available and how much they cost.  Each of the patterns will come with graphics only or with the word chart, whichever you decide you want to purchase.  You can purchase just the earrings or the bracelet from the jewelry sets.  Or, you can purchase the whole jewelry set pattern.  The same goes for the accessory sets.  You can pick just one bead pattern or one of the eBooks that I have set up.  This combining them into one listing helps to reduce the clutter of having all the patterns in its own listing.  I would like to know what you think of having it this way.  Please respond in the comments section.

I will be replacing or uploading these bead patterns to my Grandma Marilyn at the Boutique, Grandma Marilyn’s on eCrater, and Grandma Marilyn’s on Etsy bead pattern stores in the near future. 

I do recommend that everyone get the word chart and use it because it makes beading the patterns so much easier.  Well, to me anyway.  I lay out the beads in rows so that I have them ready to go.  I usually set out between 5-10 rows at a time and can just pick up a bead and put it in the right spot without worrying if I have the right beads or not.

Hope you all enjoy my patterns.  I have started with the abstract/geometric bead patterns and will move on from there.


Finally After Ages Another Pattern

I finally uploaded a new pattern to my Bead Patterns Boutique shop.  It has been quite a while since I have uploaded a new pattern there.  This pattern was beaded up by my Bead Angel, Ellen Roskopp.  She had requested a brick stitch pattern and this is the one I came up with for her.



Aren’t they just darling.  If you would like to find the bead pattern, just go to my Bead Patterns Boutique store for the Little Lion Earrings.


I have other cute items made with this Little Lion.  You can find Little Lion by clicking on this Little Lion Search.


New Revised Bead Patterns

I am so excited that I needed to share this with all my friends.  My patterns will start having an alphabetic character instead of a numeric character for the bead color in word charts.  This will make reading your word charts a lot easier.  Below are samples of the old version and the new version so you can see what the difference is and see why I am so excited about it.



How did this come about, you ask?  Discussions started in some beading groups that I belong to.  They wanted to know if we could put an alphabetic character in the word chart for the bead color instead of the numeric character we had been using.  The person said that she was constantly mixing up the number of bead in the parenthesis and the color number.  Once I thought about it, I realized that I had run into the same problem.  So, I went to Christopher, the designer of BeadTool4, asking if he could make this revision.  He asked me why.  I explained it to him and told him that it wasn’t only the customers that were having this problem but that I had run into it also.  He sent me a version to test.  I found one problem and he fixed it.  He gave us about 5 different ways to do the word chart so we could pick the type we liked best.  Yeah!  I love it.

I am in the process of changing word charts on bead patterns in my Grandma Marilyn at the Boutique store.  As I make these changes, you will see This pattern has alphabetic characters for the bead color to make the word chart easier to read. in the pattern description.  I am not sure how long this will take.  As the changes are made, I am also sending my customers the new revised version of the pattern.

You can find my bead patterns in the following online venues:

Bead Patterns Boutique – the patterns in my main shop have all been tested.  Be sure to check out my Patterns In The Rough section to find patterns that haven’t been tested yet.  You may find something you really like.
The Bead Coop – there are both tested and untested patterns mixed in my shop.  I have made a note in the description to let you know if the pattern has not been tested.  Not all of my patterns have been uploaded to this shop yet.  I do plan to upload more patterns to this shop in the future.
eCrater – I have a few of my patterns listed here.  These patterns have been tested.  I plan to load more of my patterns here in the future.
Etsy – I just reopened this shop.  I have tested patterns listed here so far.  I plan to upload more patterns to this store in the future.

If you purchase an untested bead pattern and are the first one to send me at least two good photos (2 of flat and 2 of finished for patterns requiring zipping) and any problems with the pattern or suggestions for the pattern, I will list you as the Bead Angel for that pattern on anything that is written about it. PLUS I will allow you to pick another pattern of equal price to replace the pattern that you tested for me.

I just uploaded accessory set bead patterns (pen wrap, lip balm cover, small lighter cover, big lighter cover, business card sleeve) for Narcotics Anonymous.  They are located in my Patterns In The Rough section of my Bead Patterns Boutique store.  As soon as they have been beaded, they will be added to my main store and will no longer be listed in this section of my store.

Happy Beading!

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.