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Nora Roberts Book Reviews

I decided to write some reviews of the books I have been reading by Nora Roberts.  Stop on by Nora Roberts Book Reviews.  I have added some YouTube videos created by Nora Roberts and some with book reviews by other creators.  To liven up this article, I have added a voting module on your favorite book written by her, list of links to learn more about Nora Roberts, a twitter search for Nora Roberts, and Nora Roberts Facebook Fan Page module. 

I love reading Nora Roberts’ books and decided to let you know which of her books I have […]

GrandmaMarilyn On Squidoo

I have been writing articles (lenses) on Squidoo since February 25, 2010.  I had no idea what I was doing but joined this social site for my team on Etsy called the Jewelry on Etsy Team (JETs).  We joined Squidoo so that we could promote other team mate’s shops and what was in them.  I wrote about their shops and they wrote about my shop. 

I thought I was doing the lenses really well until I joined a group called the RocketMoms on February 1, 2011, who helped me to understand that they were really second rate and […]

Uploading Squidoo Lenses to RedGage

Many of you don’t know how to upload your Squidoo lenses to RedGage. Here is a small tutorial showing you how to do it. Document uploading is currently unavailable on RedGage so I will be adding it to my blog.

First, you click on UPLOAD. Pick Link. Fill in the information for your lens.

Since the writing is too small to see, I will show it here:

TITLE:  Peyote Helpful Hints

DESCRIPTION (can only be 250 characters):  This is an article to help you make your peyote stitch in beading easier.  So many people have problems with this stitch […]

Squidoo And RocketMoms

This is a fairly new venue for me. I first joined Squidoo as grandmamarilyn (what else….LOL) back on February 25, 2010 as part of a campaign with my Jewelry on Etsy (JET) team, which I am no longer a member of. It was a campaign to promote other members of the team. I only did a few as I really didn’t understand how to use Squidoo. I was totally lost.

November, 2010, I decided to give it a try again and did a few more lenses (posts) on Squidoo. I plugged along learning a little more. I thought they were […]


Well, I did it.  I opened another shop.  I opened a shop called……..guess what…..Grandma Marilyn’s on Zibbet. This is another site where you can sell your handcrafted or supply items.  

I am in the process of loading items into it.  I already did the profile, shipping profiles, policies, and sections.  It will take me time to upload my pretties into this shop. 

I will have my finished jewelry, bead patterns, craft books, and other finished craft items listed in this shop.  I can’t see any sense of having 3 different shops opened there.

Give me a few days and […]