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Where Does Time Go?

My goodness!  I haven’t written on my blog since August.  I really have been busy though.

I have been working on my coloring books and trying to get good images for them.  I am now up to 4 coloring books by Grandma Marilyn.  They come in both right and left handed versions.  These coloring books are available on Amazon.  Just click on the Right or Left over the picture for which version you want.  Let me know what you think of them in the comments section.

Right          Left    

Right          Left    

Right          Left    

Right          Left    

That is what happened the rest of August and September.  Oh, yes, I started an Etsy shop called ColoringWithGrandmaM.  I will have each individual coloring page on there in case you don’t want to buy the whole book.

I will give you more about what has been going on in the next post.  I don’t want this one to get too long.

Remember, please comment so that I will know what you think about them.  If you purchase any of the coloring books, I would love to see your finished pictures.  If you post them somewhere on Facebook, please tag Marilyn Southmayd so that I could see them.  Thank you in advance.


Marilyn aka G-Ma


I know that I have been out of the net for quite some time.  I went through a deep dark depression.  In mid January 2015, my husband of 20 years passed away.  I decided not to have an autopsy so we don’t know what caused it.  They said they thought he had a massive heart attack.  I left it at that.  I was in the depression long before that though.  I just found out that I have not written in my blog since Dec 2013, so yes, it has been quite a while.  I didn’t start coming out of it until July 2015 and still trying to come out of it.  I guess doctor will have to up the dose when I go back in November.

In March 2014, I started doing Amazon FBA.  I managed to get 1 shipment in.  I have stuff here to send in but it just never seems to get shipped.  I still have some of the stuff to bag and tag to send them off.  I will do it.  Toward the end of February, I joined the Bundling Masterclass taught by Katharyne Shelton that includes a wonderful Facebook group where we help each other succeed or talk about our successes.  I learned quite a bit from this class and sent in some bundles with my first shipment in April.  I still have a few that need to have pictures taken and sent in.  Then in mid April, I started the Summer 2015 Bundle Mastermind Coaching Group sponsored by Debra Conrad to get more information on how to bundle and also how to use Public Domain in bundling.  We had a wonderful Facebook group where she gave us more content for the group.  Her coaching is wonderful.

So move forward to the end of July 2015.  I joined a class to learn how to make coloring books.  This course is called Introduction to Coloring Books for Adults taught by Katharyne Shelton.  I quickly watched all the videos and read whatever she gave us.  I joined the Facebook group and started discussing everything with the other classmates.  I was able to design and publish a cute coloring book called “Penguin Careers Coloring Book”. This coloring book is available in both the right and left hand version on Amazon and CreateSpace.


Well, that about brings you up-to-date.  I am currently working on getting an order into FBA, working on some bundles, and trying to make a coloring book for Halloween and a special request.

I hope this post find you well and following your dreams.

Grandma Marilyn

Beaded Pen Wraps Vol 1

OK, my next book is getting ready to be published.  This one is called Beaded Pen Wraps, Vol 1:  6 Halloween Pen Wraps.  It is up to CreateSpace right now being reviewed.  I also have a couple of other people reviewing it to make sure everything is ok for the interior.  I was getting cross-eyed trying to make sure everything was ok.

It took me a while but I finally got the cover all ready to go.


Next step is getting an ok from CreateSpace and then ok it for publishing….assuming that the people reviewing the inside or CreateSpace don’t find something remiss.

I will let you know when my book has been finalized and published on CreateSpace and on Amazon.

Why am I getting so ambitious getting these books published, you ask?  I belong to two different groups of people who are giving me that push that I need.  The first one is Debra Conrad and my forum of friends.  We are all trying to get things published or ready for sale on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and anywhere else we can.  Then there is Tiffany Dow and her Kindle Beginner’s Challenge.

If you need a push to get started making money with Public Domain or write on Kindle, come join us.  We will help give you the push that you need.

New Beading Patterns from GM

I have uploaded some new patterns to my Bead Patterns Boutique shop

The first pattern is of a Native American Business Card Holder.  This was a special request from my bead fairy, Jean Baer.  She wanted to make this for a special friend of hers.  The business card holder has a shiny yellow background with a black turtle on the front and a black stork on the back and red and blue trim around the outside edges.  The lettering that was on the flap has been removed at the request of the Indian tribe.  The lovely photos were taken by Jean.

Front-Flap-Up-More beadwork-March, 2011 010-250Front-Flap-More beadwork-March, 2011 008-250Back-More beadwork-March, 2011 009-250

You can find the pen wrap, lighter cover, and lip balm cover bead patterns to match this business card holder in my patterns in the rough categories.  These patterns have not been beaded up yet but you get the basic idea from the pictures above what they will look like completed.

The next patterns are for Christmas.  I have designed a beautiful Christmas Wreath cuff bracelet and some awesome Christmas Wreath earrings.  My bead fairy, Ellen Roskopp beaded up these beauties.  She did a great job with them.  For the bracelet, she created two different versions of the clasp for you.  Of course, you are welcome to use any clasp that you want.  I did include Ellen’s directions for creating both clasp versions for you.




If you would like to save over 25% on this set, you could buy the Christmas Wreath Jewelry Set.  Just think what a lovely set this would be to give as a gift or to wear to that special party.

Don’t forget that there is still time to bead up some Halloween jewelry or accessories.  Check to see what patterns are available on Bead Patterns Boutique website.

Halloween Is Almost Here

Are you ready for Halloween?  It’s taken me a little while but I finally finished 2 Halloween patterns. I had hoped to list more of them as I have quite a few but these two Halloween patterns will have to be all there is for the 2009 Halloween Series.   I am selling them separately but will put them together in an eBook for sale at a reduced price.  I might be able to sneak one more pattern into the mix as it is almost done being beaded.  Now to introduce my patterns to you.

The first pattern I will talk about is my Halloween Black Cats G-2 Pen Wrap.  My daughter, Angelique Metz, created this cutie with two black cats (one facing up and one facing down), my granddaughter’s initials at the top and bottom in the spaces, and a fuchsia background.  She made this pattern for her because my granddaughter, Anna, loves cats, especially black cats.  I was looking at the pattern and asked her how come she hadn’t made the background orange for Halloween.  She responded that she hadn’t even thought about it so I took out the initials and made the background orange.  It is so cool.  I have not created the pattern for the pattern with a fuchsia background and initials yet as I need to come up with the whole alphabet and bead it up so everyone will know what to replace the intials with.  I beaded up both of these beauties.  You will notice that the Halloween G-2 Pen Wrap is on a pen and the Initial G-2 Pen Wrap is on a Secret Compartment Key Chain with a Security Whistle.  I will be selling these in my Artfire shop…well, except for my granddaughter’s.

Halloween-Cat-100_0298-Artfire-P Cats Halloween- 100_0290 - 15 Black Cats with pink-100_0305-cropped-250 Cats Anna 100_0290 - 15

My second pattern is called Jack-O-Lantern at Night G-2 Pen Wrap.  I had created one that had an angry look on it’s face in the daylight and my daughter took it and made it a happy face at night.  The idea is that the night carved pumpkin is happy because his light burns bright and the angry jack-o-lantern is unhappy because his candle has been lit during the day and no one can see his light.  I don’t have the second one done yet but will try to get it done.  I beaded up the night version already but life kept getting in the way of the other.  You will notice this wrap is on a Secret Compartment Key Chain. Here they come:

JackolanternNightG2PenWrap-100_0319-cropped-15CN Jackolantern_Night - 100_0289 - 15-2-PatTBC-Flat

Pilot G-2 Pens can be found almost anywhere.  The Secret Compartment Key Chains (both with the Security Whistle and without) can be purchased from Penn State Industries.

I would love to see pictures of your finished pieces.  Please send me a picture to Grandma Marilyn’s email.